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About Norwood Public Access Television

Norwood Public Access Television is a not-for-profit corporation run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Before NPA-TV was formed, Norwood's Public Access Center was run by the local cable provider at their facility on Vanderbilt Ave. In 2003, when Comcast renegotiated their cable license with the Town of Norwood, they stopped providing the service. Instead, their new license provided the Town with funding to be given to a PEG center formed by the Board of Selectmen. Norwood Light Broadband and Verizon have since agreed to the same license and the Board of Selectmen appointed several residents to form an independent non-profit corporation entitled Norwood Public Access Television, Inc. A corporation that would take over the management of Norwood's public access center. So while NPA-TV's funding comes from cable subscribers, the cable companies have no affiliation with NPA-TV and do not dictate any programming provided.