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NPA-TV Educational Access Channel

Norwood HS TV

School Programming


The Educational Access Channel is where you will find any programming related to the Norwood Public School Department. Programming on this channel is produced by school staff and students and the NPA-TV Sports Department. Jack Tolman, Director of TV/Video Services for the school department produces over 75 new programs during the school year. This includes concerts, musicals, assemblies, graduations and special events. Brianne Killion, Prescott School Principal produces “Prescott Press LIVE!” which highlights activities at the Prescott School. Norwood High School television students have their assignments broadcast on this channel and also “go live” every morning with NHS Update. Norwood High School has a strong sports tradition and NPA Sports coverage is second to none. All sports have been covered and many of the students enrolled in the production classes have assisted in the production.

In addition to broadcasting current school programs, the Educational Access Channel broadcasts vintage school programs. During the past 22 years Jack Tolman has created and maintained an archive of over 2,000 school-related programs that date back to the 1950’s. These programs are very popular and are broadcast so viewers can enjoy a trip down memory lane!