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1Facility-General Info

General Info

NPA-TV’s Facilities are located at Norwood High School. It is a partnership that works well for both and is a perfect fit. The students have access to state of the art equipment and the NPA-TV staff is more than willing to assist the NHS-TV Program. NPA-TV Studios is equipped with the latest high definition technology. The brand new Studio, Control Room, and Head End was designed and installed by HB Communications.

2Facility-Control Room

Control Room

The NPA-TV Control is where we have our full high definition Broadcast Pix Granite 2000 Switcher. In addition to our Broadcast Pix switcher we have a Globecaster that is used as a secondary switcher. Along with our switchers we have a Soundcraft LX7 II audio mixer with 24 inputs which includes 6 wireless microphones, two AJA Ki Pro’s, an HME DX200 Wireless Intercom System, a built in Prime Image D1 audio/video delay and a Smartfade lighting control board.



The NPA-TV Studio is equipped with 4 different sets built by Mystic Scenic Studios located in Norwood, MA. Along with the different sets there is 3 different color curtains that can be used that includes the chroma key. NPA-TV uses Three JVC Pro HD Studio Cameras, Two Sony HD Robotic Cameras, a combination of multiple Wired and Wireless Clear Com Headsets, Autoscript Teleprompter installed on two studio cameras, and over 45 Videssence LED and Fluorescent Lights installed by Barbizon Lighting Company.

5Facility-PA Classroom

Scott P. Murphy Public Access Classroom

NPA-TV has additional editing stations for public access users to use in the daytime while the high school students are using the NHS Classroom. Also, smaller size classes and one on one appointment workshops are held in this classroom.

The Scott P. Murphy was dedicated to NPA-TV Board of Directions president Scott P. Murphy on June 11, 2012 for his gratitude, inspiration, leadership and vision.



NPA-TV has 20 Apple iMac computers installed with Adobe Creative Suite 5 and Final Cut Pro 10 at Norwood High School for video editing. Norwood High School TV students as well as NPA-TV’s Public Access Users use them. NPA-TV Holds Adult editing workshops in the classroom year round for residents interested in video production. In addition NPA-TV teaches their most popular middle school program ‘NPA-TV Youth Video Club’ in the classroom as well.

7Facility-Head End

Head End

The Head End is where we have our broadcast playback system. This is the equipment that broadcasts our programming to the cable subscribers at home. NPA-TV broadcast playback system racks are equipped with Tightrope Media Systems Cablecast Pro SX-4 Server with the On Demand Feature, 3 Carousel Messaging Systems for all 3 of NPA-TV’s Channels, Digital Server Playback and 6 DVD Players.