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Annual Town Meetings

NPA-TV provides live coverage of the The Norwood Town Meeting, which meets twice a year(Fall and Spring).

The meeting is broadcasted using NPATV Studio in the high school studio. The three Panasonic cameras are setup in the auditorium and signal is sent back to the NPATV studio. In order to communicate with camera operators and sound operators a wireless clear comm unit is in place. The meeting is switched using a broadcast pix switcher, which enables us to do lower third graphics, and video roll ins live during the meeting. There are 8 SM 58 microphones for the best quality audio which is run through a 24 channel Soundcraft board. The meeting is broadcast live to the town and recorded digitally on a kepro for playback in the future.

Town meeting serves as a forum where members of the community come together to discuss and vote upon town policy and budgets.